Alex Blessed

Praise God for brother Alex who is pictured in this photo taken recently. As the LORD would have it, Alex asked me for some help to get something to eat which led to several hours of ministry. Mr. Alex is an Air Force veteran who receives a retirement check monthly and yet it’s only enough to pay his rent but not his food, etc. So, we were blessed with this opportunity which is only made possible by the love offerings of individuals like yourself. Alex was saved in the past and the LORD gave him a fresh start last night (Hosea 14:1-2; 1 John 1:7, 9, etc.). Alex is a very humble man. We prayed together and he was led in a prayer of repentance (which he prayed out of his own heart and mouth) for committing spiritual adultery, leaving his “first love.” (idolatry Revelation 2:4-5; Exodus 20:3). I left brother Alex with a copy of My Utmost for His Highest devotional. He has a King James Bible and was exhorted to study to show himself approved unto God daily, especially in this late hour as we look daily for the return of Jesus. God is good saints. Please consider saying a prayer for brother Alex.

Oh, almost forgot …. I began ministering to a young man who came by our table. This Mexican man was working at the restaurant where we were. Well, that young man knew only some English and so I shared a couple of things in Spanish with him and then asked brother Alex to translate and began communicating God’s Word to the young man via Alex who then communicated to the young man in his own language. The young man was very attentive and received the Word. We gave him a Gospel tract in Spanish and God’s love was present. We are believing what God’s Word says and that is that His Word never returns to Him void but always accomplishes His will! (Isaiah 55:11).

Alex is but one of the many homeless, hungry people who was reached this past week with physical food and the Gospel of Jesus. The ministry’s operating expenses are a matter of prayer. Please join me in lifting up provision so as to be able to continue and to expand the outreach. God is able. Thank you kindly.

If a few more saints could commit to just $10 per month, that would assist greatly. See more here.

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