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Aundia and Tameka

—-Fellowshipping recently with some of our LORD’s finest! This is Tameka and Aundia! When we met they were passing out some soul winning tracts! Amen Jesus! They were gracious enough to give me a supply of Gospel tracts and were a great encouragement towards the Great Commission our LORD gave to us His people. One of these sisters wrote back later that day: “Hey brother Todd!!! Thanks so much for your time of Fellowship as well!!! It’s a pleasant experience to meet fellow Saints and discuss the promises of GOD’S Kingdom, while winning souls to JESUS CHRIST!!! Thank you & may GOD continue to Bless you!!! ?” Aundia

About: todd

Author of several books including Revolutionary Evangelism, Lie of the Ages, Predators in Our Pulpits, Nightfall, Soul Damning Sins, Deceivers and False Prophets Among Us, and Born Again: God has a New Life for You Today!, I Die Daily, and Raised Up. All books are available on Amazon and also

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