Celeste’ Saved

THE LORD is doing great things today saints! After doing the radio program one recent morning with Chris Sitter, I went to the gym and began fellowshipping with a dear brother named Chris and loaded him up with a couple of dozen Diary of a Dead Man Gospel tracts to pass out. He was excited. Then after leaving the gym I went to get a subway in Dallas away from my immediate area/locale ($5.50 for a foot long egg/steak which covers 2 meals!). As I drove up there was a man sitting on the stairs outside at a strip center. He worked next door to that Subway. The LORD prompted me to give him a Diary of a Dead Man and I was able to speak a few loving words to him, sharing a portion of the Gospel. As I was in line at Subway he came in shaking his head and saying “Man, what or who is it that prompted you to give me that literature? Was it random or what?” I said, “Not at all. As I drove up the LORD put you on my heart because He loves you.” He then said “Man my girlfriend and I have just been talking about the LORD and I know it’s time for me to get right. People tell me all the time that God is going to save and use me.” I told him that after I left Subway I’d come next door (where he works) to see him because I could tell he really wanted to talk. After I left Subway that’s what I did and brought him a little book to read about giving his life to Jesus (repenting). As I was leaving he called me back, shaking his head more, astonished at what God was doing. We talked for several minutes as I quoted Jesus’ words in recorded in Matthew 6:33, telling him that his life would began at the moment he gave it all over into the hands of the LORD. I told him that the LORD was blessing him to stop his whole life and hand it over to the LORD and that today is his day (2 Corinthians 6:2). He’s going to call me later today and I believe he’s going to repent and be saved and begin his walk with Jesus! I say this because he is so very hungry and ready to jump into Christ’s lap. It’s so very obvious saints.

…Well the LORD was obviously leading me to go to that area of town, right exactly where He wanted me to be. Working at that particular Subway is a lady named Celeste’ whom I was led to speak God’s Word to as she was getting my meal prepared. She told me she knew that we are in the final days. It was clearly anointed (something Jesus was doing!). She listened so very intently and He moved and this young lady repented and began her walk with Christ! The LORD arranged it so no one else was in the store. We bowed before His Majesty and she surrendered her life over to Him!

…. THERE IS LOW HANGING FRUIT ALL AROUND US! USE US JESUS, PLEASE!  Precious Celeste’ is like the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts 8 (vs 26-40) and so many today who know the truth, are being drawn in by the Holy Spirit and yet simply have not had the opportunity presented to repent and turn their life over to Jesus!!!!! Go read that account in Acts 8 saints! I went to the ministry vehicle and got a King James Bible and gave it to Celeste’ and she was smiling even bigger than before! In beginning to disciple this brand new creature in Christ, one of the things I shared with her is this ….Jesus says “Whosoever shall confess me before men, him shall the Son of man also confess before the angels of God: 9 But he that denieth me before men shall be denied before the angels of God.” (Luke 12:8-9) Celeste’ was asked if there was an authentic believer in her life and she said “Yes.” Then she was exhorted to call that true believer and share with them that today is the day she began her walk with Christ who says “follow me.” (Matthew 4:19) …. After finishing half that footlong sandwich and leaving, I waived goodbye to Celeste’. Her head was buried in that Bible! I had earlier told her with great joy that she’d now be able to understand God’s Word because the Author of that Word now lived in her!…. please listen to today’s radio broadcast which is in the post below. It’s going to greatly encourage your heart. Pass it on  Here’s the link to today’s program with brother Chris Sitter http://tobtr.com/s/7862315 #BlogTalkRadio

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