Charlie Kennon at LSU

From Charlie Kennon: “Preaching the Gospel at Free Speech Alley at LSU. Everything but the Biblical Jesus is tolerated in this nation. It is revealing of the reprobate state of this generation that many can be entertained by the abominable sins that crucified Christ as they watch TV and think it normal that people would blaspheme God’s name and commit fornication and acts of Sodomy. However when a man merely obeys the Bible and passionately exalts Christ through God”s method of preaching the same people believe that such actions are unbiblical, abnormal and even abominable. Only the devil and those he influences would oppose Biblical evangelism. God has chosen preaching and if it is offensive or unwise to you then according to the Scripture you are unregenerate (1 Corinthians 1:18). I dare not think I am wiser, more loving or more effective using any other method.”

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