Derek Received Jesus!

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Derek Repented and Put His Faith In Jesus!

Right in the middle of that laundromat this man and I bowed in sincere prayer to the Father and Derek laid down his life and gave it over to our LORD in faith! Romans 10:9-10, 13. Today at this local laundromat the LORD ordained the collision between myself and a precious 26 year old man named Derek! Derek walked by and I simply handed him an RIP soul-winning Gospel tract and simply said “it contains the message of the Gospel!” He stopped dead in his tracks and opened the tract and began reading, being clued to it as the Holy Spirit was drawing in His precious soul and obviously had been for some time. I tell about this exploit here in the attached, brief audio. After Derek received Christ he took my King James Bible and went and sat down and began fervently reading Psalms 51 and Proverbs 3. We exchanged phone numbers and Derek agreed to be added to this Moments with Our Master email list so he can be fed and taught our LORD’s Word as each of us grows in His grace together as His body (2 Peter 1:2; 3:18). Please lift our brother Derek up in prayer today and this weekend, in Jesus’ holy name, amen!

Derek took a few dozen Gospel tracts with him in order to distribute them.

Listen to the audio below to hear more details about this young man beginning to walk with Jesus. Find out how Derek already asked how he could do ministry and be in the service of our LORD!

After this all happened, I called to thank God and a brother who had given $60 to the ministry yesterday without which there was no fuel to run on. Every gift counts and the ministry outreach is fueled by the love offerings of Gospel individuals like yourself. No group or church organization supports this New Testament work.

UPDATE: — Derek and I continue to interact. Listen to the text he sent me this morning: “Good morning brother. I hope you have a blessed day. Don’t give in or give up. The LORD is near!” …. Brother Derek has been ministering to me since the day he repented and was saved by our LORD Jesus!!!!! John 15:16 amen?! Would you like to lift a prayer for Derek? Col. 4:12

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