Erica and Brian Saved

ON A RECENT SATURDAY in Dallas, after hearing a thorough presentation of the Law (to convict) and the saving Gospel of Christ, both Brian and Erica (both seated in pic) prayed to the LORD in repentance, placing their faith in Jesus Christ. Both were visibly emotional. Erica wept. She had tears pouring down her cheeks. This is many times what happens when we use the Law to let God bring deep conviction (Psalms 19:7). Would you like to stop and bow your head and heart and ask our Father to bless, to grow, and to keep these two precious souls? The two blessed sisters standing up are two of our LORD’s “few … labourers.” (Matthew 9:35-38) Would you like lifting them also to Him? A “supplication” is simply a humble request! Pray according to Colossians 4:12b.

Why aren’t more lost souls being saved? It’s simple: Those who bear the very seed of God’s Word aren’t sowing that seed. They aren’t learning how to win souls and therefore lost souls aren’t being blessed to hear and respond to the Father’s blessed offer of salvation through Christ alone. Did Jesus say to hesitate or wait or did He say to go now? Read John 4:34-38.

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