“Every time I go out to the store, etc., the Lord has divine appointments for me and lately I’ve been praying for people who need healing. Happened again today – prayed for a lady and her husband and daughter were there too. Gave her a Diary of a Dead Man tract and my phone number (she asked for it). She’s a sweet spirited Christian. Hopefully the Lord will use me to mentor her and her daughter. I was a little leary when I first started giving out these tracts (Diary of a Dead Man) because to me they look scary. To my surprise people happily I mean HAPPILY take them and say thank you! I show them the back of the tract with the website address and tell them to visit it that its very interesting. Get these tracts to give out – it’s a great message and you’ll be glad you did – they’re also great for the halloween season!” Sherry J.

“I would like to get some tracts to hand out and start a conversation. I’d like to start with 50 of the Diary of a Dead Man. What would a good Donation be to cover the cost of those? Also, I would Like to see what the PDF looks like since I might be able to get my Pastor/ Mentor to print them off for me (I have no printer here). Thank you. Also thank you for your love of souls. You have a unique ministry that should be the norm here in America. I will do my part and I look forward to seeing lost souls safe and in the fold! All in the love and Name of Jesus!” Kevin Glines

“Keep doing what you are doing!” Alicia S.

“I’ve been handing out the Diary of a Dead Man tracts you sent me and a few days ago gave one to someone at Walmart he received the tract and was happy to get it. I prayed for him and he had such a sweet spirit – I could see the Holy Spirit all over him – it was awesome.” Sherry J.

“Hi Todd, good day! Just want you to know that I like all your posts … it speaks truth and it all rooted from the Word of God … keep preaching and sharing the truth about our Savior so everyone who read it will be blessed and set free from the snare of Satan … I like the way how you attack the enemy … keep up the good fight and keep reaching others as you have me. GOD BLESS! By the way, I’m from the Philippines not in Indonesia… Shalom. True…Amen! Praise the Lord! Keep serving Him and don’t let the enemy stop you from speaking the truth…God bless you my dear brother…Love, and Peace. You’re the only one I trust now in speaking the truth about God’s Word…so keep up the great work!” Eliset

“Bless you brother very good Moments and we should help all our brothers and sisters in Christ. I definitely believe we need to help start this outreach for sure!!!! Love you Brother in Jesus Name and I believe God truly uses you to reach much people.” David Pace

“I would love to be of help to your wonderful ministry.  I have no professional credentials regarding English grammar, but it has been a subject of interest and study for the last forty years as has been the Bible.  I learned English grammar from my mother who learned it from her grandmother who was an English teacher.  Volunteering to help you would be a great pleasure for me. Of course, you may wish to use someone more qualified than I. I would like to say two things in my favor.  1)  I have been seriously studying the Bible ever since being born again in 1967. 2)  I have read quite a lot of what you have written and listened to most of your messages on your website.  I have yet to find anything of significance with which I disagree. Thank you,” Gayle Patton

“Thank you so much for blessing me with those tracts. I received them and pray you are blessed.” Johnnye G.

“I picked up the Diary of a Dead Man tracts you sent today. They’re awesome I gave one to someone when I opened the package. I’m looking forward to giving them out and talking with people. Thank you so much brother! More later.” Sherry J.

“I’ve been listening and your radio show is actually interesting and very helpful. Good job. I started listening to the older audios and have found that there are so many good subjects. Sure wish I had found you a long time ago. All is scriptural with scripture referencing – a real blessing, thanks.” Sherry J.

The ministry continues to receive correspondences from the “little flock” whose hearts cry out in a dry and thirsty land where the prophesied “famine” of a Word-less generation has set in (Amos 8:11; Luke 12:32).  Here’s yet another email from someone who is hungering and thirsting know better our LORD Jesus Christ (Matthew 5:6). The website phase of the ministry is reaching tens of thousands per month. As you will see, this sister is searching for fellowship with Jesus’ remnant.

“I would LOVE to receive ALL your teachings. You speak the truth. And I can’t find a church that does so. I’m sick of sugar lip preachers and teachers who don’t even know they God’s Word. They don’t want to offend their members. AND you TO brother. I love studying with you.” Renae | Sign up here to receive the Moments with Our Master email sent out 1-2 weekly to edify our LORD’s body.

“Please add both my emails to your list to receive publications of your teachings. Todd it has been at least 4 years since we last spoke on the phone, and we made an $150.00 donation to you bother for the month. Just want to thank you bother for the donations of books that you supplied us with. Here’s my number … please call me when you have time. I know that you are very busy just as I am … reaching out to lost souls and reinforcing saved Christians of the Second Coming through faith and of Repentance into Grace of reconnection of our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen. I will try to call you today, if time allows me bother. We would like to know how you are doing.” Chad S.

“I thank God for you…. May he bless you and cover you…….” Bernard

“Thanks so much for every single one one of your wonderful messages. I’m lifting you, your ministry, and those you touch up in prayer. I just know what you are doing is helping so many people. It certainly helps me!” Kimberley M.

“Love this website.” Yvonne B.

“Hi Todd. How are you brother? What’s the update on your situation … Hoping you could come to UK to do some preaching one day. Are you receiving our donations? Carry on the great work you are doing God bless.” M and K

“Thank you for sending me this mail it’s so good and spiritually uplifting and encouraging. I would request that you send me more.”

“Good Stuff Todd! Keep pouring it out brother!!!!”  David Pace

Message Received:
“Hello Brother Todd. How are you? I hope you are well. I haven’t seen any posts from you (until recently). Is everything okay? I certainly hope so! I wanted to also thank you for the prayers when I asked you. God is so amazing, and answered promptly. I was able to bring my son to Vancouver to a great dentist covered by insurance. So thankful! Okay my brother, Have a good weekend! How can I order some tracts please? I don’t have a lot but I am happy to give what I can because I know the work you are doing is important and helpful to many! Thanks for the work that you do!” Melanie

Hi Melanie. You are most welcome sister. Concerning my lack of posting over the last months – I’ve been out of pocket per se’ based on lack of support and that’s why we have no ability to print any new batch of Gospel tracts. Please pray that those who call themselves by Christ’s name will truly lay down their lives and when they do – they will support HIS work.

It’s $875 to have 10,000 of the Gospel tracts produced. View them HERE.  There are 4 titles. Feel free to suggest which title you which to sponsor. All gifts to this ministry are fully tax deductible. If you wish to support the work, go here – Love Offerings Via PayPal

“Grateful for the truth you proclaim. I’m hoping to support you for handing out the Gospel tracts. Keep spreading the word of Truth!  God Bless,” Shannon

“Brother, We praise God for you. We are praying for you and will share love offerings with you ASAP!  He SHALL provide for you, brother!!! In Christ,” Mark Case

“Thanks. Very good newsletters. I am rejoicing for those that got saved. God is on the move!  69 news souls saved Wow !! That’s fabulous! I’m spending quiet time with God. He is really beginning to shine light on dark places in my heart. He is opening up my heart and mind in His Word.  My first Scripture that He gave me this morning was  Hebrews 4:16 – “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain  mercy, and find grace  to help in time of need.” This is a word for me for sure, just as you brought out in the story of Esther – that if we (me) corporately and individually do not walk in obedience to His Word or His command that He will raise up another person or group to replace us. Esther, the woman, is a type of the last day church. He will raise up another people to usher in spiritual Israel (His workings to save men from sin and hell). You are right, “God has no favorites ” (1 Samuel 15:22) ‘To obey is better than sacrifice,’ so let us come boldly before the throne of grace and  obtain mercy and grace. I believe in the biblical instruction of fasting and also that  for us to mortify the flesh, be filled with His Holy Spirit and divine favor, we will have to fast and pray like Esther did.  Lord help us to be obedient to Your Word.  Thank You for this timely word. Esther went on a three day fast. Jonah was in the whale’s belly for three days. Let’s not be like Jonah in his disobedience and get spewed out. Amen.”  Carol B. God Bless !! Selah!!” Sign up to receive the Moments with My Master email.

“I believe your ministry is helping spread the True Gospel of Jesus Christ……God has used you many times to speak to me.” Linda G.

“Please add me. Your website is superb!”  Gavin P.

“I just received the Born Again books. They are amazing and have a lot of good information in them. I will be putting them to good use. Thanks!” Nicole A. | Born Again Soul Winning Book!

Glad we could help – a little. Thanks for pushing thru all the intense trials and struggles, and doing what you can to get the Word out. Strength and help and health and Truth and clear guidance and abundant provision and Love and forgiveness and mercy to you my friend, In Jesus name.” Chris S.

“This is the best BOOK on being born again I have seen! I have been blessed to give two people this book so far, starting with my family members and Praise God, I also got to share 6 of your soul winning Gospel tracts with a ladies group. In that group are Catholics and go out to a small lunch at Wendy’s. We are getting to know one another which leaves it open to share with them since. I am an Ex -Catholic and they loved the tracts! God is working! We just need to avail ourselves in the serving of our Lord. God is good and will make a way when there seems to be no way! Sinners need Him. And the Lord will lead us to the right people at the right time.” Carol Burke | Born Again Book – Small, Soul Winning Booklet

“The Three books you sent me are very deep and encouraging. Amen brother, I’m still feeding on your books that you sent me. My love and appreciation.”   Steven H.

“SafeGuardYourSoul.com is a ministry website. It is an excellent resource and very biblically sound.  I highly recommend it, and the books that are available for purchase on that site as well.” Derrick A. | Store

“Hi, Please could you add this brother to your list of contacts and send him your newsletters. He is also seeking the truth and would like to learn more. I believe he would benefit greatly from your ministry. Here is his email address …..  Thank you and God Bless you.” Chad C. | Sign up to receive the Moments with My Master email.

I have been so confused most of my Christian life which I am starting to understand was all the witchcraft I was under in church… I feel like I am starting to come out of this cloud and see the Truth more and more everyday… I am thankful for people like you who preach the actual truth so thank you… God bless you brother…” Kim H.

“Safe Guard Your Soul, YOUR Messages were in my email this morning. Praise OUR Almighty Father God !!! IN Jesus Name!” Louise S. | Sign up to receive the Moments with My Master email.

Sign up here to receive the Moments with My Master e-mail sent out 2-3 times weekly to edify and teach the body of Christ.


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