Jailed from Age 14 in a Life of Crime!
Miracle Testimony of Justin Weeks

—— GO JESUS GO!!!!! JUSTIN WEEKS … The picture attached is before Justin was saved (BC = Before Christ). He smiles ear to ear with the LORD’s glory now. Below is a portion from a recent letter written to me by Justin Weeks who was led to Christ a few months ago in a correctional facility in Texas we have been doing much ministry work in. As you can see in his words below, Justin has already led several souls to Jesus himself and is fervently praying for and discipling them. Personally I don’t think I have ever witnessed someone get saved and learn God’s Word so rapidly as this man who is now 31 and has been in and out of jail since he was 14, spending only 2 years of his adult life free (not incarcerated). Growing up Justin’s dad wasn’t there for him and his mother was on drugs. In late 2014, Justin had had enough. He was on the brink of committing suicide when the LORD intervened and miraculously stepped in and rescued him. The circumstances surrounding this event are nothing less than gloriously miraculous. The LORD really is in control! This is something I may speak in detail about in an upcoming book. Justin just wrote me and here’s some of what he said…..

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“Just wanted to write to let you know I love you brother and you’re always in my prayers and thank you for coming to visit. It was a blessing! It’s truly helped me to see and keep in mind that the LORD has blessed me exceedingly abundantly with great new family and friends that I know truly care about me and can’t wait for me to get out. I remember 9 months ago I felt so alone in this big ole world but now I truly feel like a new creature in Christ. Old things have passed away and all things truly have been made new! AMEN!! I love ya’ll more than words could express. Without the LORD and ya’ll in my life, I wouldn’t be here to write this letter today (because he was seeking to commit suicide when we met). Satan was hard at work to destroy me and he almost got away with it! But the LORD truly called me by name and He used you to do it! I can’t wait to get out and you and I go hard to work for the LORD. But hey why wait till then!? My little flock is growing. Every night we have Bible study and prayer together. They are truly bearing fruit. We are up to 7 men and we just got 2 new guys today and I know the LORD brought them here for a reason. So, I hope to add those 2 new guys to the LORD’s by tonight! These guys seeking and giving their lives to Jesus made these whole 9 months I’ve been in here worth it! The angels in Heaven are rejoicing right now!

I love you brother and thank you for being there for me. If it wasn’t for the LORD and you, there wouldn’t be a NEW me, amen!

If you could please write a short, encouraging letter to Joshua Smith here. The LORD is truly moving in his life! Maybe see if you can send him a copy of I Die Daily.”

Mug Shots and Mercy Moments! | Born Again: What Does that Mean?

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