Kate Saved!

Kate’s daddy is in jail. We prayed for him with his mother and dad and family members. Kate (12 years old) heard the Law of God and was asked if she had broken individual commandments as they were cited to her verbatim. She was convicted and realized and admitted she had sinned against her Maker (“All have sinned.” Rom. 3:23). Kate was asked if she would like to repent and receive Christ? Precious Kate chose to repent and ask Jesus Christ to rule in her life. She confessed Jesus Christ as the LORD of her life that day. It became obvious that the LORD is doing a regeneration and restoration work in this precious family. 3 generations were present there on the street corner in Dallas.

On that particular weekend many repented and put their faith in our nail scarred risen LORD and Savior. In the heart of downtown Dallas, Texas, Jesus sent about 25 of us to invade the darkness of the enemy. Many responded positively. Hundreds of Gospel tracts were distributed and the seed of the Law and the Gospel were sown in hundreds of lives to the glory of our God. Bags of food (snacks) with a Diary of a Dead Man tract were distributed and bottles of cold water given out.

One of the things God did was to bless a precious family we were able to commune with for some time. This older couple has a son who is in jail. His children were there and his 12 year old daughter (Kate) began her walk with Jesus that Saturday morning.

They are going fast and so if you want a supply of the Diary of a Dead Man, you may wish to hit reply and send me your mailing address and the appr. Quantity you want.  Launch an evangelistic literature attack in your area with this dynamic, powerful Gospel tract.

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Author of several books including Revolutionary Evangelism, Lie of the Ages, Predators in Our Pulpits, Nightfall, Soul Damning Sins, Deceivers and False Prophets Among Us, and Born Again: God has a New Life for You Today!, I Die Daily, and Raised Up. All books are available on Amazon and also SafeGuardYourSoul.com

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