Lawrence Loved

This is a picture of a homeless man named Lawrence who in his earlier years was employed by the CIA (for many years). His wife passed away a number of years ago. It’s difficult to understand Mr. Lawrence due to how low he speaks and so I wasn’t able to communicate very clearly with him as far as understanding him but he sure was a nice, kind man. It was a delight to spend some time with this precious soul. He wouldn’t let me buy him anything to eat so I gave him a jug of spring water, a Gospel tract, a Christian book, and a pair of reading glasses. He has those reading glasses on in the picture. He told me he seldom eats. I asked him if I could come back later and feed him and he declined it. I asked Mr. Lawrence if I could lift him in prayer and he immediately said “Yes.” So we had a refreshing time of prayer together which our Father in Heaven most definitely heard in Jesus’ precious name. When we finished praying and lifted our heads back up, this gentleman seemed to be choked up with tears in his eyes.


A Visit a few Weeks Later with Mr. Lawrence

This man is very content…. More than most people actually. He’s not looking for help and turned down much of the help I attempted to give him. He’s no beggar. After he would only accept only a little help, I sat down next to him, settled down, and enjoyed a really good conversation with Mr. Lawrence. Of course, it’s also a blessing to meet with legitimate beggars (people in need).  I’m simply attempting to paint an accurate picture here. Thanks for listening and praying for this blessed soul, Mr. Lawrence. As you know, God has a plan for Him saints!

Those who are giving are the ones making this kind of thing possible. Due to the great window of opportunity and the infinite value on each precious soul in this earth, I dare to assert that there’s still a whole lot of room left for more help for the LORD’s work to be done.

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