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UPDATE: ANYBODY remember how Randy White (hall of fame, super bowl LB Dallas Cowboys) received ministry a few months back? Well, recently, as the LORD would have it, our paths collided once again and Randy gladly received a copy of the new book Nightfall. … Would you like to stop and lift up Mr. White to our Father in Jesus’ name? Thank you for praying for Randy. Here’s the original story below.  

I frequently see Randy White at the gym. He’s still as large and muscular as ever and with a tender heart. Your prayers for Randy will be well received by our LORD. On the day of this picture Randy was given a Soul Damning Sins book which he grasped, received graciously, and intently begin looking at on his way out of the place we ran into each other. God is working. One of the first times I had a conversation with Randy, sharing God’s Word with him, he told me that a minister who lives near him had really been instrumental in showing him the importance of God’s written Word. For those who don’t know … Randy White is a hall of fame linebacker who played for the Dallas Cowboys for many years and is known to be one of the top linebackers to ever play the game.
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Author of several books including Revolutionary Evangelism, Lie of the Ages, Predators in Our Pulpits, Nightfall, Soul Damning Sins, Deceivers and False Prophets Among Us, and Born Again: God has a New Life for You Today!, I Die Daily, and Raised Up. All books are available on Amazon and also SafeGuardYourSoul.com

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