The Gap Band’s Troy Peoples

troy peoples3—- TONIGHT: GAP BAND’S TROY PEOPLES ….. Anyone remember the song “You Dropped a Bomb on Me”? ….. How about “Burn Rubber on Me”? They had 15 top 10 hits. Was blessed to meet (by divine appointment) Troy Peoples and 4 of his 5 daughters and his precious baby granddaughter Sunday night at a restaurant. The LORD is good. There was certainly a connection. Troy told his daughters he knew he must have supposed to have been at that restaurant that night. We exchanged information and he has 3 of the ministry’s books on the way to him (ordered tonight and will arrive late this week). God is moving saints. Jesus is still reaching out to rescue all who will (Revelation 22:17; 2 Peter 3:9). The 2-3 hours spent together was very meaningful, beyond what could be explained here but our God knows all. Please pray for the perfect will of Jesus Christ to prosper and prevail in Troy and his beloved family. This is particularly interesting in that I have often said that “When God’s Word is preached, it drops a divine bomb in the hearts of people who will be convicted and come to repentance.”

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