Tony Touched

tony—– YESTERDAY: Please lift up precious Tony. He just recently got out of prison. He was in there for 18 years. He’s been recently saved and water baptized and has a really good disposition. When asked, this beloved brother told me he has a King James Bible (praise God). Tony is homeless for now. We prayed for the first step toward him being established in Christ and also with his own work and place to live. We shared fellowship in God’s Word, prayed together and our brother Tony was blessed with some food for the weekend. He was also given some soul winning Gospel tracts to pass out and was eager to distribute them to those he was on his way to see. God is good and please lift up beloved Tony. YOUR love offerings make this type thing possible. Please also pray for the provision of our LORD’s labourers (Matthew 9:35-38).  Please share and check out dozens more lives Jesus’ has and is changing for His glory!

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